Semiflex Carbon foot orthotics are designed to provide maximum support and optimal comfort. Designed to fit in most types of footwear, these Orthotics are highly reccommended to people who work on hard surfaces for extended periods of time.

With five components the insole is able to control almost every aspect of the foot and its movement.



The Micro-fibre top covering (0.4mm), absorbs perspiration and provides a smooth interface with the plantar surface of the foot.

The Urethane memory cushion (3mm) gives a cushion under the base of the foot. Extremely long lasting, the urethane will return to shape after each step – supposedly guaranteed for the life of the shoe.

The Injection moulded urethane foam base, gives the bulk of the support under the rear of the foot and is termed as 3/4 length reaching to just behind the metatarsal heads. This would be substituted for an EVA in different densities or indeed different types of plastics to provide the support required, in this case supplemented by the Carbon Composite underneath.

The XT Sprint Semi Flex is quite springy, ideal for an athlete as it assists the toe off, but for a casted device even an ultra Rigid Carbon Composite could be used depending on the patient.

The Visco elastic heel pad is moulded into the urethane foam to give a shock attenuation pad under the heel strike but in a casted device this is more likely to be a much harder material to provide the functional control under the sub talar joint.



The carbon graphite insert provides support to counter the additional weight considerations while still maintaining critical rear foot motion control and shock absorption.

These orthotics have demonstrated relieve for discomfort at the feet, knees and back in the occupational settings typically with hard work surfaces, with indications for heel spur conditions, chondromalacia, low back pain, Achilles tendonitis, sciatica, patello-femoral syndromes, calcaneal apophysitis, iliotibial band discomfort, heel pain, supinated or pronated concerns, and for those with an intolerance for rigid orthotics.