Duosoft Professional insoles range are designed to cradle the heel and support the arch. These size specific anatomically designed 3/4 and full-length orthoses enhance motion control and alignment to aid in reducing and minimizing the incidence of chronic lower body pain and discomfort.

The full length version has an added thick layer of urethane as a shock dampening top cover. The 3/4 length is specifically designed to fit a wider range of footwear.


Product features

1. Microfibre top covering.
Absorbs perspiration.

2. Urethane cushion layer.
Long lasting, shock absorbing.

3. Injection molded, urethane foam base.

3/4 length, supports rear foot.

4. Visco-elastic, heel pad.
Shock attenuating.


Occupationally proven

Proven to reduce foot, knee and back pain and improve balance reactions in the workplace.

Custom orthotic feel

The insole is firm enough to support the musculature of the foot and also allows it to conform under weight bearing, providing both comfort and support.

Wide variety of uses

For work on hard surfaces and all sports or simply to relieve the day to day stress on feet, knees and back.

Pain relief for a number of conditions

These orthoses have demonstrated relieve for discomfort at the feet, knees and back in the occupational settings typically with hard work surfaces, with indications for heel spur conditions, chondromalacia, low back pain, Achilles tendonitis, sciatica, patello-femoral syndromes, calcaneal apophysitis, iliotibial band discomfort, heel pain, supinated or pronated concerns, and for those with an intolerance for rigid orthotics.