Combined with our range of Podotech postings, 1st Phase Foot Orthotics provides the practitioner with the ability to quickly adapt preform orthotics to suit individual patient requirements, whilst keeping within the constraints of your budget.

The range is designed for use by medically trained podiatrists, orthotists and physiotherapists, with certain items available for purchase by the general public.

To buy foot orthotics and insoles online, patients and consumers can buy here. UK healthcare professionals can buy here.


1st PHASE – Preforms & Components

1st phase foot orthotic treatment allows the clinician to treat the patient quickly and effectively at the chairside. After the initial biomechanical assessment the patient can be fitted with a 1st Phase preform orthotic device, which is used to increase patient compliance at the start of orthotic treatment. After the initial fitting the patient is usually assessed again after a trial period and is either kept on 1st Phase treatment or upgraded to a casted device if needed.

1st Phase Foot Orthtics are not always appropriate depending on the patient’s needs but are ideal as a cost and time efficient solution to biomechanical problems. 1st Phase provides the opportunity for trial and error processes at an economical price and also allows the clinician to concentrate resources on more high-risk patients.




2nd PHASE – Casted Foot Orthotics

Sometimes 1st Phase treatment can be inappropriate or unsuccessful, which is where 2nd Phase treatment is used. 2nd Phase treatment is where an orthotic device is created from a cast of the patient’s foot. This custom-made device presents a much more individualised prescription, but therefore can be expensive due to the costly materials used and time taken. Price is therefore often dependent on the requirement for accuracy of prescription.





Modern technology is now being applied to foot orthotic manufacture and the past 5 years have seen major developments in its’ application. CAD-CAM has become increasingly popular, and is now accepted as an efficient and effective way to design and manufacture custom orthoses through computer assisted manufacture. However the equipment and software although fast and accurate, is expensive leading to a premium price.